What is a promotion code?

To put in simple terms  - A promotion code or a coupon code is a code that can be used to get a certain percentage of discount while shopping. These promotion codes can be either given to new customer to attract new business or to existing loyal customers as a token of appreciation for their continued patronage. This promotion codes can be given for current purchase or can be given as a code to be used for the next purchase. So the term promotion code might be simple to explain but the types of styles in which they are made available to customers are rather endless.

Basic Types of Promotion Codes:

  • Promotion codes are designed and promoted in three basic forms, that include:

  • As Lead Lures:

    These Coupon codes can be a great way to get a database of customers by collecting their e-mail ids and phone numbers. This detail so collected can go into creating a database, which could be used for future marketing and promotion strategies.

    Offer Discount coupons as rewards:

    Offer Discount coupons to those who subscribe for your newsletter or mailing list. This way there are multiple benefits that can be reaped. The customer will feel rewarded, you will get a prospective customer and the rapport between both will be strengthened.


    Try offering customers with free trail offers:

    Offering discounts and coupons have become very common and in order to differentiate you from the rest and to create a unique value, try offering trial offer through coupons. This way you can rope in customers to try out your products and services for free and once they are satisfied you are at a benefit of gaining a loyal customer.

    Fix a Time to your Coupons:

    This is a concept wherein you create an urge to use the discount coupons before that particular time period. Also adding terms like offer valid only for the first 10 customers creates an impulse within the customers to hurry up and be the one among the first 10.

    Roll out coupons that offer Member- up gradation:

    There might be stores that have membership options and the membership might be split into tiers as per the customer purchase habit and value billed. Offering coupons for customers to upgrade to an upper tier option will actually boost the customers buying habits and also prove to be a prestigious recognition.

    Customize coupons:

    Instead of designing public coupons, also consider designing customized coupons for a particular set of customers or to individual customers depending upon the worth of the customers. This will definitely lead to a feeling of personal courtesy and consideration in the minds of the customer and make them feel special and this would in turn lead them to make use of the coupon. And more importantly when restricted coupons are designed with the individual customers name imprinted, they will be more than impressed and will definitely get ready for a heavy purchase immediately.

    After all the thought and planning of coupon creation, the final and most important thing is to promote your coupons in the right way to make them reach the customers at the right time. Tie up with proper affiliates and partners who will promote your coupons in a more professional way.